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Other Downloads

Keyboard Shortcuts

Vectorworks 2009 standard keyboard shortcuts in a printable format.

Vectorworks Widget and Gadget

While there are thousands of widgets and gadgets for both Mac OS X and Windows Vista, there is now a truly useful one! Introducing the Vectorworks Widget/Gadget, where the most important shortcuts are always on hand. Features:

  • Displays the shortcut key and its function
  • Space-saving: a click on the title bar shrinks the widget
  • Links to technical support, training info and knowledgebase
  • For Mac OS X and Windows Vista
  • Free for all Australian Vectorworks users
  • Can be in the foreground on Vista (also for OS X: click here)

Simplify your daily work with Vectorworks and get this small but practical helper.

Vectorworks 2009 Standard Workspaces

If after installing Vectorworks 2009 and trying to launch you get a message saying "the Standard workspace cannot be found", then please download the appropriate replacement workspace using the links to the right.

Once downloaded, you may need to unzip the file by double clicking, so that the file name is "Standard.vww" (or "Standard" if you have file suffixes hidden). Now Quit/Exit Vectorworks then copy the downloaded workspace to the following location:

  • Macintosh: Mac HD/Applications/Vectorworks 2009/Workspaces
  • Windows: C:/Program Files/Vectorworks 2009/Workspaces

Click OK to replace the current workspace when asked.

Clear Print Settings

Users running Mac OS 10.4.x may experience a crash when accessing the Print or Page Setup commands, in files that had been opened in earlier version of the OS. This is due to a change that Apple made in OS 10.4 (Tiger) and can only be fixed by either an update to the OS or by the printer manufacture revising their driver (HP have done this for some of their drivers).

If you don't wish to wait for either of these events, we have written a small plug-in that will clear the print settings in the active file, allowing the Page Setup command to be accessed and printing to be resumed normally.

  1. Download the plug-in using the link to the right. It should uncompress in the process so that you have a file called "Clear Print Settings....vsm".
  2. Place this file into the Vectorworks 12 Plug-ins folder.
  3. Use the Workspace Editor to add the file to a convenient menu in your favourite workspace.

To use the Clear Print Settings command, open the file in question and choose the command from the menu. A dialogue will appear asking if you want to clear the print settings for all layers or just design layers.

Make the appropriate choice (All Layers is recommended), then choose Page Setup again to reconfirm your printer settings.