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Draw and Explore the Design Efficiently with Vision

Vision software puts the power to previsualize and cue your show at your fingertips. Cross-platform, intuitive software that works with your console with immediate access from within the Vectorworks drawing.

Design Smarter. Save Money.

Entertainment design and production professionals save time and money when they use Vision because you can previz without needing the venue or having a crew standing by. Experiment with looks and cues, review options with your clients or artists, and get approval — all before you load in.

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  • Streamline Your Workflows

    Made for PC and Mac platforms, Vision is built for accuracy with moving light fixtures. It communicates with a wide array of DMX consoles, including the MA2, Hog, ETC EOS, and many more that can send ArtNET or sACN NET protocols over an Ethernet connection. Don't worry, you can also work offline with onPC support for hog3 MA1 and MA2, and many other consoles.

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