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Vectorworks 2009 SP3, SP4 and SP5 Release Notes

The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2009 Service Pack 5

Issue ID Title
B077598 Importing just about any DXF/DWG file crashes VW2009 on Snow Leopard.
B077552 Files do not open with Drag and Drop under Snow Leopard.
B077640 Spotlight and Quick Look do not run under Snow Leopard on 64 bit machines.
B075489 Crash on Quit after inserting a Parking Space object or any other symbol-based tool.
B079086 The "Add surface" command does not work for specific polygon objects.

The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2009 Service Pack 4:

Issue ID Title
B056597 Hatches don't show up in Section Viewports
B058006 Balusters don't connect well with handrails if number of tread is changed
B062374 Cursor remains active when Saving or Printing
B062878 180 degree curved stair landing fails
B066402 VW2009 Stair tool - Stair elevation incorrect
B067030 Stair, Handrail on winder has weird bump
B067176 Stair PIO - Top and Bottom extensions have incorrect geometry
B067535 Stair PIO - Stringer geometry not properly resolved at landing
B067539 Stair dialog: new controls do not have help text.
B067553 Stairs: heights are not correct with various stringer settings.
B067809 Menu "Previous Selection" highlighting does not work
B067925 Stairs: dialog settings in "Flights and Platforms" pane are applied differently.
B068368 Editing while in Edit mode of various object types like Symbols, Additions, etc
B068492 Section Lines prevent Fit Walls to Roof command to succeed
B068646 VW 2009 beta 4 will not import a PDF exported from it.
B068670 Stair - platform stringers not modelling correctly
B068903 Switch to VW when in another space can mess with tool palettes
B069141 Multiple selection by Marquee broken
B069196 File icon missing on Mac if .vwx is missing
B069247 Memory error happens
B069311 Localization_[Confirmation of content] -Stair.vso
B069705 Localization_Improper Grid values -SmartCursor Settings
B069941 VW icon missing from 'Check for Updates' dialog on Mac 10.5.5
B069982 Railing on Circular Stair Is Badly Segmented
B070187 VW shut down ( Sketch Style of Resource Browser ).
B070714 With Text Boxes selected Cursor willnot change to move text box
B070901 stair, handrail is cut but rails continue
B070919 Cmd ~ key doesn't tab through open VW windows
B070972 Spanish Export QuickTime VR Object dialog inconsistency
B071553 Stair top tread toggle fails at upper floor
B071556 Stair dashed run incorrect
B071691 Stair Guard Rail following Lenght of Handrail even though setting implies otherwise
B071851 Problem during rectangle editing
B071939 SetFile not a part of the installer for Snow Leopard, VW fails to launch
B071963 Stairs: treads move in 3D when stringers set to None
B072414 Accidently double clicking one of the colors crashes Vectorworks.
B072548 VW-2009 SP2 Updater Letter O vs Zero
B072567 Remote Logging
B072631 Sweeps are not always providing Along Line and Midpoint snaps
B072998 Section Viewport Section Line Marker Instances are not holding the by Class Sett
B073091 Selection a custom leaf door symbol is inconsistent in VW2009 sp2
B073232 Vectorworks Crashing Upon Close
B073332 Crash when on WorkspaceManagerShutdown
B073437 Eccesive file size from importing Autocad files to 2009
B073502 Guardrails on a Platform- U do not connect properly with straight stair
B073585 Stair Object -Stringer Does Not Follow Intended Path
B073596 purging issue - resubmitted
B073617 Installers: Special Characters not recognized and displayed as garbage
B073618 Random crash at shutdown.
B073631 Column PIO: Taking extraordinary long time to change height parameter
B073640 Setting Curb Width to 0 in Road T corrupts PIO and drawing
B073661 Stair PIO - Platform Stringer Geometry not correct
B073662 Stair PIO - Handrail/Guardrail "elbows" broken, no solid transition
B073680 Purged except objects and textures
B073683 Stair PIO: The Guardrails not aligned properly in a curved platform
B073693 Lose control of 14.0.x b102577 when selecting Window PIO
B073793 MAC: Speed problem with attached file
B073826 Stair PIO Outside Stringer -Geometry is Incorrect
B073855 Purge unused objects can multiply vw file sizes up to 5 times
B073866 The "Add surface" command does not work to specific polygon objects.
B073893 Section Viewport Annotation Marker by class not depicting correctly
B073931 VW2009 crashes when add Surface is performed within test file 'Regression'
B073947 "Unfold Surface" command can't Unfold a simple Surface
B073961 More crashes during InteractiveObjectDraw
B073976 Editing User Field in Window PIO causes an extended "freeze" of VW
B073978 VW2009 takes much longer to Add Surface of rectangles after Undo is performed
B073981 Custom door leaf applies the incorrect leaf to doors
B073989 SP3 Stair - 2D stair break tread showing as black filled triangle.
B074022 If I choose "Gross" , the space is not displayed in 3D view.
B074023 Difficulty selecting custom leaf in Door PIO
B074033 Crash in wall reset when opening GS-VWAxCheck.vwx
B074111 About " Export as Vectorworls 12 File ".
B074112 Square number of sheets of the number of copies that I set is printed.
B074115 Fill color is applied to text
B074174 Annotation Section Veiwport Markers when by class the same fill as not by class
B074182 odd complex polyline handling
B074185 MAC: Snap to a extrude doesn't work if the extrude is not at the internal origin
B074223 The thickness of the line on the drawing sheet is influenced by the "Scaling".
B074292 Window and Door objects in Section Viewports not taking on Section Style Beyond
B074324 Spotlight Instrument Insertion Tool fails to set Symbol unless symbol has 3D
B074339 Wireframe for extruded polyline is slower than it could be
B074351 Create Joists from Poly tool used next larger stock width in Quantity Label fiel
B074387 Missing Round wall in SP3, SP2 works fine.
B074416 If Updater/Installer can't set permissions on a file, it never sets app +
B074419 Serial number should be converted to all upper case.
B074438 Shut down (Choose VW Plants)
B074439 Japanese character becomes "Mojibake".(viewer)
B074449 BugsTS Incorrect Spaces from walls in 3d view
B074451 BugsTS Space Report values not correct.
B074475 Lighting Device
B074525 Export to DWG fails, then can't be re-initiated
B074536 File Limit Crash
B074549 Repeatable crashes when multiple files are opened : JBC
B074618 Stair PIO - Editing Stair parameters causes a duplicate stair to be created
B074625 Crash drawing PDF Page object.
B074631 Clipping crash.
B074632 Split crash.
B074697 Add Surface Command Doesn't Work for Certain Polygon Configurations
B074711 Infinite loop created when using Align Distribute when editing symbol
B074725 Add surface fails
B074814 Extrude along Path - incorrect result with nurbs curves profile.
B074841 No sizes shown for BSI Universal Beam choice in Framing Member
B074870 Only 3D Objects show selection indication using Sketch Styles.
B074917 Framing Member-Logic for 'Bottom Bearing" option on OWSJ is reversed
B074920 Stair PIO: Handrail disconnect issue in Winder U Platform
B074926 MAC: Symbols in walls lost all the 3D wall breaks
B074931 Framing Member-2D Display options for Open-Web Steel Joists are incorrect
B074990 MAC: "Purge Unused Objects..." enlarged the file size
B075029 Stair PIO -Incorrect Stringer Geometry for Underneath Stringer
B075109 Curved Platform with Certain Angle/Radius Combinations Cause Incorrect Geometry
B075123 Stair PIO -Curved Platform with Inset 3D Handrail -Handrail Missing Segments
B075147 Stair Settings Dialog -Settings Revert After Tab is Changed
B075151 Stair PIO -Guardrail Disconnected on Winder-type Stair
B075211 Site model shows anomalous ridge
B075307 VW 016 - Offset tool - Nurbs always duplicated to the outside

The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2009 Service Pack 3:

Issue ID Title
B074062 Regression: Section Viewport fails to render
B074054 Area of Space object with holes is more in 2009 vs. 2008
B074021 Joists and Framing Members is not converted in "Update Plug-in Objects".
B073994 Space Names in 2008 test file, blast off into outer-space when updated
B073959 Viewport Contents that are from the Design Layer are not displaying upon enterin
B073953 DLVP moving if Flyover Tool is used prior to switching back to Top/Plan
B073946 Crash in TRedrawContext::SetRedrawToGray(h);
B073915 Extrude along path fails
B073906 Area Light Crash
B073886 NURBS Surface is not created from network of NURBS curves in test file
B073863 Converting NURBS Curve to NURBS Surface causes run time error
B073861 Heavy CPU load and computer disturbance on Section Viewport hovering
B073857 Moving origins
B073853 Zoom hides rendered 3D objects
B073848 Miscellaneous blank layers are added to test file when updating Plug-In Objects
B073841 Conversion of Polygon to NURBS Causes Crash
B073811 NURBS-related crash when getting distance from points.
B073809 Path extrude cannot be created
B073807 Elevation file now has multiple 20 or more Design Layers that have been added to
B073797 Visualization Palette crash.
B073795 Crash in Edit Class dialog.
B073789 Display other while in Group not allowing one to see the content of other Viewport
B073770 Tapered extrude cannot be created.
B073747 Preselection highlighting cause excessive CPU load on Site Models
B073741 Application crashes when referenced file is updated
B073715 Roof: Soffit Bug
B073714 BIM- Export IFC flips stair and changes walls
B073700 Section Viewport: Section line marker text cannot be dragged to a new location
B073684 User unable to open their file after a Vectorworks crash
B073668 Section Viewport Slowness to the point it is unworkable
B073666 Editing Roof Hole Component with Edit Group Function -Circles Become Distorted
B073660 VW Crashes if Partial Attic Height Exceeds Total Roof Height
B073645 Wall Style default content needs fingerprint updated to include landmark
B073641 Landmark Getting Started Guide uses Wall Styles
B073638 Snap Loupe within Viewports not working with dimension to Column Centerlines
B073633 needless dialogs for changing DLVP visibilities
B073623 Crash setting wall width
B073622 Crash in SymbolToolDraw
B073614 Double Draw In Stacked Layer Mode
B073600 crash- design layer activate
B073597 Offset tool does not work in isometric views
B073590 Vectorworks crashing when attempting to open file when it was running all day
B073589 Stair Object -Outside Stringer Geometry is Incorrect
B073588 Stair Stringer -Changing Stringer Thickness Alters Height of Parts of Strngr
B073586 GSA Spatial Program Validation Model does not export IFC
B073576 KLS: Edit symbol displaced if page was moved before
B073571 Crashing pasting text object
B073564 Altering Height of Pad object while in 3D (axo type) view-pad object disappears
B073555 Crash in InteractiveDrawing of Symbols linked with Texts
B073554 Crash switching document windows.
B073549 Crash verifying plant record field type.
B073546 Text drawing crash.
B073545 Viewport crash.
B073543 Auto-Boundary of Space PIO gives odd result-GSA Test Model
B073533 No Fascia Created for Gabled Roof
B073520 Stair with Height Set By Layer -Lower Level Always Becomes Active Layer
B073506 VW2008 Geometry Features Test.vwx - "Duplicate Along Path" crashes VW2009 SP3
B073499 VW2008 Geometry Features Test.vwx - Render to OpenGL - Crashes VW 2009 SP3.
B073494 Crash on document close
B073481 2D objects desappear form drawing window when interactive zoom is used
B073478 Stair PIO: Winder - L platform doesn't model properly with four or six treads
B073477 Stair PIO: Rounded L-Platform doesn't doesn't model correctly in Masonry style
B073456 Dragging a Repetitive unit object longer has crashed the app 3 times now.
B073453 Stair: Straight flight stair between two curved Wider-L stairs gives bad results
B073446 Crash - Library document in Favorites (VW 002)
B073442 DWG import loses 3D parts
B073438 Crash when opening GS-VWAxCheck.vwx file
B073436 Screen Flashing and totaly repainting upon any Zoom in or out causing an extreme
B073432 Batch DWG/DXF Import of AutoCAD 2009 Sample Folder, rec., new files, crashes VW
B073427 Framing Member Tool: Steel beam level is erratic
B073404 Polygon Paintbucket mode doesn't work well in Hidden Line Elevations
B073401 Setting Annotation Class for the Space tool gives a long list of all these NNA#
B073400 Stair settings for Handrail not updating or sticking.
B073399 Cannot enter serial number when International Language is set to Serbian
B073384 Framing Member: Multiple FMs selected, "Choose Profile Symbol...", 1 FM changed
B073373 Conversion of Solid Addition to NURBS Causes Crash (2)
B073369 Framing Members all of the same type and all of the same reference point are at
B073368 Framing Member Dialog when changing from Top or Bottom does not allow the action
B073367 Framing Member -Does Not Show Properly in 2D With Roll Angle Other Than 0
B073364 Displaying an Alert before we are done completely reading a file causes a crash
B073363 Weird behavior in drawing window after exiting the snap loop
B073346 Crash pasting text related object
B073344 Crash getting marker styles.
B073343 Crash when switching documents.
B073339 Crash during file save
B073327 Crash during Workspace Manager shutdown
B073320 Crash related to connected walls.
B073313 Preselection indication is drawing while zooming causing slow performance.
B073308 VW crashes importing a class with a hatch from a standard file ...
B073302 KLS: Space Objects cannot be updated
B073293 Offset broken
B073290 Can't turn off arrow on stair
B073289 Artistic RW acceptance test failure - Theater too many rendered edges
B073286 Similar Framing Members, but wrong Z placement
B073282 Snap loop not working as of CL 101467
B073281 Snap Loupe fails.
B073272 Spaces auto update refuses to work
B073270 VV 2009 SP2 taker over an hour to open a previously created 2008 file
B073262 Selection Indicator of deleted object persists
B073255 AHA: A symbol is no longer centred when editing
B073230 Visualation Palette not visually listing lights.
B073226 Section Viewports rendering objects before the section line in ortogonal view.
B073214 KLS: Detected Data Cycle in ref. Viewport crashes Vectorworks
B073213 KLS: Ref Viewports lead to unlimited filesizes
B073198 Section Viewport fails to merge structural components correctly: JBC
B073197 Framing Member Changes Height Unexpectedly
B073196 Fram'g Member "WoodFlrTruss" changes height when changed to "Solid Beam
B073195 Top tread are missing when placed from the Stair Tool
B073165 About Export Imagefile
B073156 Roof Framer is not framing the roof properly
B073152 Roof Soffit is Broken
B073149 More DWG crashing
B073140 Drawing a rectangular marquee around objects cause VW to crash within test file
B073139 Soffit & Fascia/Create Roof don't work
B073120 VW Crashes when zooming in in the attached file
B073110 Opening File Causes Crash
B073087 Large 1bpp images fail with GDI+ on.
B073083 goofy fascia boards
B073080 Update Boundary option in Space PIO arbitrarily doesn't work
B073063 "MONOLITHIC STAIR" occasionally weird on 3d
B073059 DLVPs move themselves and their crops seperately
B073054 Framing Member -Object Moves as a Result of Pitch/Bevel Changes
B073053 Framing Member -Certain Pitch Values Result in Incorrect Geometry
B073047 More outdated content - Renderworks 2008
B073044 Screw and Nut object: DIN object displays ISO choices and vice versa.
B073037 Roof Fascia fails to work correctly : JBC
B073024 Incorrect updating of SVP's when opening attached 2008 file in 2009
B073009 VW2009 14.0.x crashing - "IP Resources not found"
B072994 Site Modifiers corrupted in file migration/upgrade VW2008 -> VW2009
B072985 Stair fails to create variable width treads : JBC
B072973 Framing Member Steel Section Angle Option 2D doesn't match 3D
B072971 Stair PIO - 3D geometry errors on U-Stair
B072967 File Open takes 30 minutes and is stuck on verify, should this be normal?
B072964 Conversion of Solid Addition to NURBS Causes Crash
B072962 Failure to import DWG
B072959 Resize Framing Member by dragging handles causes FM to shift vertically
B072955 Placing new Framing Member in document does follow Properties settings
B072934 Editing Framing Members causing arbitrary shifts in Z axis not consistent w/OIP
B072933 Framing Members do not correctly align Top/Plan with 3D views
B072932 Framing Member Cold-formed Steel Channel geometry error
B072931 Framing Member -> 2D Top/Plan view doesn't match 3D roll orientation of object
B072925 Type>Steel Section>Rectangular Tubing option in Framing Member bad orientation
B072924 VectorWorks has too many files open -- bad things happen
B072921 Rectangular Tubing in Structural Shapes.vwx oriented incorrectly
B072919 Irregular behavior of VW2009 Framing Member in VW2008 file
B072918 VW2008 Framing Members don't transform properly in VW2009
B072739 Bad Roof Fascia
B072727 Create Polys from Walls problem
B072715 Wall disappear in Open GL
B072708 Clip Surface fails
B072698 Plant tags not taking on class fill attributes.
B072694 [Parasolid PR 1706053] Loft Surface Command Causes VW Crash
B072690 VectorScript routine "AngDialog" doesn't obey "DidCancel"
B072665 Application Locks When Creating Viewport from a Specified 3D View
B072664 "Set 3D View" Function Causes VW Crash
B072657 2d Origin is moving again when switching between layers activating a layer
B072653 Change class on Lighting Position and file crashes
B072649 ATH: DTM_Pad is rotated planar to view
B072634 Landscape Area Tool Reports Acreage Incorrectly
B072633 Zoom tool will first zoom out before it zooms in
B072632 Window Symbol Hole Component not updating when Ref into another file via DLVP
B072620 Plant Tags ignore class fill setting : JBC
B072608 Vectorworks crashes when trying to open Reference Viewport
B072600 The VS Plug-in is not displayed in the Workspace Editer.
B072599 SVPs fail to migrate properly from 2008 to 2009
B072598 Changing migrated pad elevation shifts it to top view
B072587 Walls do not render if a wall exceeds 1640'5" in the X or Y direction
B072573 Split tool crashes when used on two 3D polygons found in Test File
B072547 Section viewport bounding box wrong
B072543 Rotate tool changes views of other layers
B072534 Section viewport background class
B072527 Importing layers from open files causes extra layers to import
B072491 Area in OIP and in Worksheets are not being reported correctly for Space Objects
B072472 Eyedropper tool problem
B072470 Referencing to slow to be usable in Vw 2009 SP2 : JBC
B072455 [PARASOLID: pr1703882] SP2 Crash opening a file
B072449 Standard Area info is wrong for the space object
B072436 Stairs: fix the dots and widths in the US stair file also
B072420 Insert Attic, Soffit and Fascia for Roof Broke in Isometric View.
B072416 DWG import problem: bitmaps missing
B072406 Roof Object's Soffit & Fascia are created in the wrong location
B072364 Stair library files not updated with latest stair object : JBC
B072361 Space tool: Gives Incorrect results because it does not require Plan projection
B072332 Edit Viewport > Design Layer does not show plan Rotated
B072316 Space Room Dimensional Tolerance & Accuracy not correct.
B072315 VW crashed when copy and paste a symbol
B072297 IFC Export - Export includes objects in classes that are turned off
B072293 IFC Export - Crashes application
B072282 Aligning Layer Views while in a 3d Symbol with a different view orienation than
B072275 Importing DWG in 2009 creates multiple "Layer Crop" layers
B072247 Vectorworks crashes when going to Wall Framing.
B072225 Import DXF/DWG: options dialog appears for each file if destination "Symbols"
B072222 AHA: File conversion problem from version 11 to 2008 or 2009
B072212 Floor becomes part of stair
B072203 Light object names not appearing in Visualization Palette
B072184 Visualation Palette Layer Name indication is actually Class Name
B072179 Stair, Top Tread Shows in top/plan, even when "show top tread" unchecked
B072167 Space Dimension Feature -Gives Incorrect Results for Certain Space Shapes
B072102 Crash when exporting resource with nested symbol : JBC
B072089 Stairs display treads incorrectly in section viewport : JBC
B072086 Crash when drawing any 2D object after UNDo the Seating Layout.
B072079 Framing Member Made from Custom Profile Does Not Section Properly
B072076 Stair Object - Incorrect Geometry on Masonry Type Stairs with Custom Platforms
B072050 Stair: arrow/data classes are reset if class name begins with a letter from O-Z
B072012 space object area incorrect in worksheet
B071973 Visualation Palette not visually listing lights. It seems some of it is there bu
B071964 Stairs: Channel stringers have incorrect profile.
B071961 Stair: Double-winder S stair with custom stringers wrong in 3D
B071960 Stair: Dialog handler doesn't resolve Uniform Tread Width properly
B071853 Light in Visualation Palette has no indication of name
B071810 Stairs: Monolithic stair closure problems
B071809 [PARASOLIDS PR 1695675] Offset Failure on Polyline with Offset by Point Mode.
B071806 Changing the elevation of a site modifier causes incorrect rotation in 3D space
B071760 Stair custom stringer not modelling correctly in Build 98068
B071759 Stair default marker faulty in metric stairs in Build 98068
B071756 Variable width stairs break at every revision
B071752 Framing Member Pref. -Endless Dialog Box when Vertical Reference is Changed
B071727 Stair Object w/ Rectangular Guardrail - Top Flight Rail is Not Properly Rotated
B071725 Framing Member: 2D drawn offset from insertion points.
B071723 Framing Member: 2D and 3D are not correct with Change Vertical Reference action
B071697 Stair Custom profile not rendering correctly, Guard Rail not correct position et
B071693 Stair Movement with Handrails and Guardrails turned on is very very slow.
B071671 Space Tool Modes Do Not Show a Description when Hovered-over by Mouse
B071643 Wrong area calculation for Space object
B071620 Extra lines show up in edit section viewport annotations
B071505 [PARASOLIDS pr1692486] File crashes
B071466 Joists in converted VW2008 file vanish if modified or moved
B071464 Joists don't update to Framing members
B071306 Framing member size change inconsistencies (inherent to VW objects)
B071292 Changing Site Modifier-Pad elevation in iso view changes polygon to screen plane
B071262 Apply string changes after update
B071250 AHA: Crash during file conversion
B071241 crash using Snap Loupe with Offset tool (Point Mode)
B071240 Preference button for Fastener Tool not working properly
B071167 Space object not returning correct areas when corners not points.
B071144 Shell Command on Uncoventional Objects causes the Application to Crash.
B071054 Monolithic stair problem
B070951 Stair arrow and text not visible with vert. trans spec class
B070929 IFC Data: No way to remove or change IFC Data assignments
B070839 Section Viewport updates as a partial negative rather than a positive.
B070809 KLS: Button Pick in IFC Data Dialog without function
B070760 Stair PIO produces degenerate geometry for underside
B070753 The "Start Marker" becomes big size(Stair object)
B070682 IFC Export: Escalator exports as generic object
B070681 IFC Export: Switches, Receptacles, and Light Fixtures export incorrectly.
B070679 IFC Export: Exporting Ceiling Grid causes error in Solibri
B070657 IFC Export: HVAC splitters not exported, HVAC transition flipped wrong way
B070640 IFC Export: has error messages on export, fails in Solibri.
B070527 IFC Export: Doesn't resolve duplicate GUIDs in VectorWorks file.
B070498 Corrupt section fill possibly caused by 2008-->2009 file migration
B070492 crash- exit 3d symbol, rendering to hiddenline & stack layers on
B070462 Stair: Certain values put VectorWorks into state requiring force-quit
B070432 Stair - clashing geometry and incomplete geometry
B070422 zooming with mouse pad causes bad visualization
B070315 Monolithic Stair - Problem on lateral surface
B070254 Framing Member 2d Display Changing to match previous Framing Member object even
B070228 Stairs - default stairs have a big black 2D line at their start in build 94165
B070208 VW2009 Stair tool -does not render in OpenGL mode!!!!
B070207 KLS: IFC: Column and Pilaster not autom. exported to IFC
B070167 VW2009 IFC Export -Missing items/elements from export
B070152 VW2009 IFC Export -Model hangs in Solibri at import
B069920 U stair - stringers not being modelled correctly
B069917 U stair with underneath stringers - inside handrail incomplete in 2D
B069916 L Stair stringer and handrail problems
B069887 Stair- top tread always shown when stair has fill
B069778 VW2009 IFC Export -Plumbing fixture symbols did NOT export
B069775 VW2009 IFC Export -Cabinet objects in a group don't get exported
B069756 Light objects not named in visualization palette
B069640 Framing Member: Vertical Reference change isn't working as expected.
B069622 IFC Export - Cased Openings and doors with sidelights not correct
B069485 Previous version Joist is not being converted to Framing Member object
B069218 Stair: wrong 3D in masonry; can't exit settings; settings dialog still too big
B069063 DTM Pad changes location when edited in 3D view : JBC
B068666 Localization_Riser Style is not reflected - Stair Preferences
B068533 Stair - Tread finish not applied consistently with different construction styles
B068526 Stairs with Differentiate stringers renders differently in different render mode
B068513 "Add rail to entire stair" option fails
B068499 Stair - custom outside stringers only works with Differentiate Stringers on
B068479 Navigate back, w/ Stair edit breaks return
B068092 Framing Member: Multiple FMs selected, changing vertical reference
B068068 Stair PIO - Arrow Start Marker default is blank
B067906 VW fails to correct incorrectly flipped Space Objects when a file is converted
B067892 Stair Tool - Stringer display irregularity
B067711 Resetting a stair with handrails can take a really long time
B067544 Stairs: custom stringer profile: defaults should be vertical, not horizontal.
B067543 Stair: stringer profile: extrude along path is not correct.
B067538 Stairs: dialog is unbelievably slow.
B067534 Stair PIO - Guardrail geometry is NOT correct at landing
B067293 Framing Member: Multiple FMs selected, choosing "Get Structural Shape" affects 1
B067218 Stairs: Not picking up text alignment attributes properly
B067110 Stair PIO: U Platform rounded corner not working (leaves rectangular edge)
B067097 Stair PIO: Stair fails with a straight platform connected to a curved platform
B067087 Stair PIO: Navigating in the Stair settings dialog is slow
B066870 Framing member shift view problems.
B066699 Framing Member: Changing Vertical Reference when Roll Angle <> 0
B066656 Update Plug-in Objects: Changes active layer
B066548 Stairs: Monolithic stair has trouble with sides when radiused flight is used
B066406 VW2009 Stair tool - 2D stringers drawn incorrectly for "upper" view
B066312 Update PIO cmd doesn't convert Board, Joist, or Rafter PIOs to New Fram Member
B066096 Corrupted 3D wall reshape
B065561 VW slow when accessing data from General tab of Stair PIO
B065214 Section viewports, there are objects that are shown transparent
B064798 Inaccurate Cut and Fill Quantities from DTM : JBC
B064430 Lights from older files are not given a name.
B064024 IFC Export: Simple windows and doors do not match openings on IFC export
B064023 IFC Data command: Attaches records in wrong order
B063202 Stairs: Renders incorrect in OpenGL/NURBS with curved platforms
B063124 Simple rendering of stairs is not good
B062869 Stair bugs
B062845 File exported to IFC causes an internal error
B061566 IFC: Window geometry not quite right in testfile
B060604 VW2008 - OpenGL Render error when zooming
B058015 Treads extend to the side of the stair when the radius corners are applied
B058005 Corrupted stair is generated with all Winder an platform types
B057247 Fit Walls to Roof fails with example provided in TestFile
B056472 Wonky Stair Arrow
B054669 Misalignment of 3D in Workgroup Reference
B043863 Section view of a 3D hex square nut with threads is incorrect
B043063 No tooltips for the mode bar buttons for Space object.