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Student - High School

Am I entitled to a student version?

A special version of Vectorworks is available to students enrolled at a high school and studying a subject that requires the use of CAD (computer aided design). It contains all the Designer modules (Architect Australia, Landmark and Spotlight) and also includes Renderworks. Student versions may not be used for any commercial purpose.

How does the student version work?

The student version is fully functional, cross platform (Mac and Windows) and will run for two years. If you are still a student after two years, you may apply for an extension of the license by clicking here. Vectorworks has an extensive on-line help system and free Getting Started Guides accessible from the Help menu within the software.

Drawings created with the student version will print with an outline education watermark in the border at the top and bottom of the page, and can not be opened in the professional version of Vectorworks. If your school or college has Vectorworks installed and you print from the school computers, there will be no watermark on the drawing.

PDF files created using the Export PDF command in Vectorworks, cannot be opened or edited in Adobe software like InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop.

How do I buy it?

The student version is only available directly from OzCAD and should be ordered using one of the PDF order forms to the right. The PDF form must be downloaded, printed and completed in full. All your details should be clear and readable, otherwise your order will not be filled. It requires the signature of both yourself and your teacher/lecturer. Completed forms can be emailed to OzCAD using the address on the order form. Costing is on the form. Click here for contact details.

How will I receive it?

Your Vectorworks license will be emailed to the address you supply on your order form.

What version should I buy?

All students are encouraged to purchase the latest version of Vectorworks, however those attending schools or colleges who are still using older versions may elect to purchase these if listed to the right. If this is the case, please check with your teacher or lecturer before making a decision about which version to purchase, because the school may be planning to upgrade in the near future.

What if I pick the wrong version?

Exchanges for incorrect choice of version are not possible.

Is technical support available?

Technical support for the student version is only available by email and only when it concerns installation or license activation issues. Please use the appropriate Support Request Form on this page of our web site.