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AnimationWorks is an add-on for Vectorworks 2017 to 2019, that allows the creation of complex camera or object animations entirely within Vectorworks. These can be saved as QuickTime movies and then be viewed in any supported media player.

AnimationWorks is included with all Australian licenses of Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, and Designer, but can be purchased by anyone outside Australia using the ordering options below. 

Key Features of AnimationWorks

  • Fast creation of camera paths. Define a camera path through your model with the Camera path tool and you are ready to make a movie.
  • Class visibility animation. Objects can be made visible or invisible by turning classes on and off within a movie.
  • Cameras that can be panned, zoomed, stopped, started or aimed at stationary or moving objects.
  • Object animation. Any object can be animated along a user defined 3D path.
  • Light brightness animation. Lights can be faded up and down within a scene.
  • Rotating object animation. For animating hinged doors, ceiling fans, etc.
  • Sliding object animation. For animating sliding doors, gates, curtains, etc.
  • Transparency animation. For controlling texture transparency within a scene.
  • Preview how the camera will animate, with look-to point and view extents drawn on screen, zooms, pans, etc.
  • Real time wireframe or OpenGL previews of either object or camera animations.
  • Export animations in segments, each one on a different machine.
  • User Guide and tutorial / demo file.

Pricing and Ordering

To order AnimationWorks, choose the Vectorworks Version you are using in the table below, enter your six character Vectorworks License Code (the last six characters of your Vectorworks serial number), then click the Add to Cart button. To order multiple additional licenses, enter the license code for one license, click the Add to Cart button, enter the license code for the next license, click the Add to Cart button, etc.

AnimationWorks Item Cost
Vw Version Vw Lic. Code PayPal
New Single License AU$220
New Additional License AU$198

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The User's Guide and Demo Movies can be accessed using the links to the right.