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Vectorworks interiorcad

Vectorworks interiorcad is used by designers and manufacturers for cabinet making, shopfitting, kitchens, custom furniture, interiors and exhibition design. It contains a powerful feature set that allows for design, visualisation, documentation and manufacturing.


Vectorworks interiorcad comes standard with an extensive library of accessories that includes thousands of textures, classic home and office furniture, kitchen units, appliances, 3D house plants, books, bathroom fittings and more. It also includes document templates for quotations, schedules and parts lists, and is the only cabinet design software with an integrated costing and quotation package. It also comes preloaded with a comprehensive set of hardware from the major European manufacturers such as Hettich, Blum and Haefele.

Vectorworks interiorcad is clever software - the more you use it, the more productive you become. This is because any aspect of your work can be saved as a favourite configuration for later reuse. This could be anything from a particular hardware specification, to draw front layout or carcass assembly.

As the name suggests, Vectorworks interiorcad is based on the Vectorworks CAD engine, which provides drawing and parametric modelling functionality unique to software in this price range. Furthermore, it is cross platform which means it will run happily on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

interiorcad is available for Vectorworks 2020. For optimum functionality with interiorcad, we recommend use with Vectorworks Architect or Designer, rather than with Vectorworks Fundamentals. Click here for more information.

interior XS

interior XS is similar to interiorcad, however it does not do parts lists or costing, nor can it be used with VectorWOP. If in the future you need the full version of interiorcad, you can upgrade to that from interior XS.

If you already own Vectorworks, but require a greater degree of automation and flexibility with cabinet design, you can add interior XS to your current software. If you don't have Vectorworks, then you can purchase Vectorworks Fundamentals, Architect or Designer (with or without Renderworks) and add interior XS at the same time.

interior XS is available for Vectorworks 2020. Click here for more information.

Software maintenance contracts for interiorcad and interior XS are also available to members of Vectorworks Service Select.

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