OzCAD Australian Vectorworks Distributors

Technical Support

OzCAD offers free technical support to registered Australian users of the four most recent versions of Vectorworks. Priority is given to Vectorworks Service Select members, followed by those using the two most recent versions, currently Vectorworks 2021 and 2020. For these users, support is available by email using the link to the right, or by telephone using the number below.

Vectorworks 2019 or 2018 users can only obtain support via email using the link to the right. We are unable to provide support for versions of Vectorworks that are older than version 2018.

Support for students is only available by email using the link to the right, and is limited to installation issues.

Support Methods & Information

Technical support is designed to help you overcome technical difficulties in using our software. It is not intended as a source of training. We recommend you consult the On-Line Help or other resources on this site before contacting us, in order to attempt to resolve the problem yourself.

If you do contact us, the response will be faster if you supply the following information or have it at hand when calling:

  • Registered user's name
  • Vectorworks serial number
  • Exact Vectorworks version (for example 2021 SP3)
  • Exact operating system version (e.g. Mac OS 10.14.2 or Win 10/64 SP1)
  • A brief description of the problem
  • If the problem involves other hardware such as a printer, please provide the printer brand and model.

Email is the preferred method for obtaining technical support and will often bring the fastest response.


Professional users of Vectorworks 2021 and 2020 users may also call 02 8338 8622 between 9:30 am and 5:30 pm Monday to Friday. Please have the information mentioned above at hand and be in front of the computer if you call.
Telephone support is not available to students.