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Network Licenses

General Information

Network licenses employ the Vectorworks' Site Protection software, which uses a server/client format to manage Vectorworks product licenses. The license administration software on the server machine manages the number of client licenses that can be used simultaneously and when enabled, allows licenses to be borrowed (borrowing is not permitted for educational versions and in some other cases). The client selects the permitted modules on the client machine when launching the Vectorworks program.

The core of the Vectorworks Site Protection Server is license management software called Reprise License Manager (RLM), made by Reprise Software, Inc. Administrative settings are accessed through a browser on the server machine. The Vectorworks Site Protection Server includes the following functionality to manage the startup and usage of each instance of a Vectorworks program over an entire network:

• approves software startup on the client machine when it connects to the Vectorworks server software
• manages the license pool and can permit license borrowing, if license borrowing is enabled
• displays license usage
• logs license usage and connection information

For more information on network licenses click here.

Assigning user permissions for Vectorworks Network Licences on Windows

You will need to give permissions to the Nemetschek and Vectorworks registry folders in the registry editor for the student accounts. This should prevent the user from having to enter in the serial number each time they access Vectorworks.

To do this, you will need to first access the Registry Editor 7, or later. Once the Registry Editor window is open, expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder then expand the SOFTWARE folder. Now locate the Nemetschek folder and assign student permissions to that entire Nemetschek folder.

You need to do the same thing for the HKEY_CURRENT_USERS folder, assigning student Permissions to both the Nemetschek folder and the Vectorworks folder.

For the HKEY_USERS folder, assign student Permissions to the Nemetschek folder and the Vectorworks folder (these folders will be located under the folder with the long number attached to it.)

Assigning user permissions for Vectorworks Network Licences on Macintosh

When problems are encountered installing or running Vectorworks on machines with restricted permissions it is often the case that the student user machines do not have Read & Write permissions to the Vectorworks folder. If the admin account is able to run the software but the student accounts are not, then the student account must have no Read & Write permissions since they are unable to access the program. Check to see if the student accounts have Read & Write permissions to the Vectorworks folder before you set up the Parental Control. If they do not, then you need to do that first.

In order to do this, hit the control key on the keyboard then click once with the mouse on the Vectorworks folder. Then select Get Info. Expand the Ownership & Permissions section. Expand the Details section. In the Owner dropdown box, you need to first click on the lock to unlock that dropdown box. Next, select the student accounts from the dropdown box. Underneath the Owner’s dropdown box, set Read & Write to the Access dropdown box. Make sure that all of the Access dropdown boxes read Read & Write along with the Others dropdown box. Also make sure to click on the Apply to enclosed Items box. This will ensure that the students have access to the Vectorworks folder and all of its contents. Then do the Parent Control step.